If you look closely you can see Mount Etna erupting. Yep, this is the Southern Italian Med.
This one is a dead giveaway but in case you need a hint just think about Democracy, Philosophy, Trigonometry...
The Spanish Med is all about a laid back attitude and vivid colors. A shout out to Malaga's own sardine Espetos!
Beirut, Tel Aviv, Alexandria... The Near East is home to huge skyscrapers, hummus and a very particular light.
The Northern African Med has some unique colours you won't find anywhere else. Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, they are all here.
The Adriatic gulf has its own particular vibe. It's the northernmost point of the Mediterranean and that shows in places like Dubrovnik, Venice and Rimini.
Film Festivals, Road Racing and Martinis. Welcome to the French Riviera.

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